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Our Benefits
Owen’s equipment is designed with the benefit of years of experience in the manufacturing of roof trusses and wall frames. This means you benefit through:
Higher Productivity
  • Faster, less complicated set-ups
  • Flexibility in usage
  • Increased productivity on short or long production runs
  • Fine tolerances
  • Long term, trouble free operation
  • Better performance than similar machinery on the market through use of the widely accepted EqA Assessment System for truss manufacturing productivity

Better Quality Output
  •  Inbuilt Tapes
  •  Fast, positive setting mechanisms
  •  Simplicity and practicality in design
  •  Advanced technology through computer controls

Lower Operating Costs
  • Simple operation
  • Faster production aided by technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Compliment existing manufacturing facilities
  • Conform with Australian Standards

Increased Safety
  • All cutting activities are remote from the operator
  • Clear visual access to all press heads
  • All wiring and pneumatic lines are secured away from the operator
  • Minimisation of operator fatigue

Ease of Use
  • Less time spent on operator training
  • Can be used by semi-skilled personnel
  • Simple, direct operating procedures
  • Clear and concise operation manuals
  • Computer assisted operation
  • Minimisation of potential for operator error

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