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Gang-Nail Truss System Manual (June 2006)

This is a comprehensive document containing useful information on all aspects of timber truss design, application, manufacture and installation. To obtain your copy click on the subject of your choice or download the entire manual.



Fixing and Bracing Guidelines for Timber Roof Trusses (September 07)

These guidelines are an abbreviated set of instructions designed to assist with on site work and are not intended to replace the need to reference AS4440-1997. The recommendations apply to roof trusses on standard domestic buildings where truss design details are obtained from MiTek engineering programs.

Guidelines for the Design, Fixing and Bracing of PosiStrut Floor, Roof and Truss Systems (June 08)

The PosiStrut range of products are parallel chord trusses using timber chords "on flat" and the unique PosiStrut metal webs. The PosiStrut range of products are available in nominal 200, 250, 300 and 400mm depth. Actual overall truss depth depends on timber sizes used for the chords, and is provided in the design tables enclosed.

ConstructaBEAM Manual (June 08)

ConstructaBEAMS are engineered timber members manufactured from structural grade timber using Gang-Nail connector plates to form long lengths and large end sections which may not be commercially available. This manual covers all basic elements of ConstructaBEAM manufacture.

Corrosion Resistance of MiTek Metal Connectors (October 08)