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Owen Truss About us

In October 2009 Owen Truss came in to existence, as a product of a new partnership within the Owen family. The previous company R.J. & J.J. Owen Roof Trusses established by Reg Owen, has been manufacturing roof trusses and wall frames since 1972. After more than 20 years in the business sons, Peter and Glenn Owen have taken over the family business.

The Owen name has been synonymous with the production of quality roof trusses and wall frames, with over 35 years of service to the building industry through out South West Victoria and Melbourne. Owen Truss has developed in to one of Australia's most advanced roof truss and wall frame manufactures. This has come about by developing our own equipment that can now be found in Truss factories through out Australia and the UK.

At Owen Truss our goal is to produce high quality and competitively priced roof trusses, wall frames and posi struts while providing outstanding customer service.

It is our belief that strong partnerships with suppliers and customers, create a strong business and guarantee consistent quality and supply of material that we use in our product. With the Backing of suppliers such as Mitek Australia, Carter Holt HarveyVictorian Timber Wholesalers (Wesbeam, LVL and Bass Pine) we are able to achieve this, even in the busiest of times.

It is with this strong belief partnerships that we have been able to grow our business with the ongoing support of customers. From the small local builders to state and national builders such as.    

  • Orbit Homes
  • Australand
  • Metricon
  • Dennis Family Homes
  • Bryan and Peterson
  • Romeo Homes
  • Community Housing

Roof Truss and Wall Frame Specialists

We pride ourselves by offering

  • Obligation free quotes
  • Fast effective service
  • Quality produced products
  • Cost effective solutions to your building needs
  • Guaranteed delivery dates

The products we offer are

  • Timber Roof Trusses
  • Timber Wall Frames
  • Posi-STRUTS
  • Posi-PLUS - Posi-PLUS are posi-struts that have a trimmable end built in. This allows the Posi-PLUS to be cut to length on site. Because the Posi-PLUS are built as stock, there is a three day lead time for delivery once all the details have been finalized, and the cost savings of bulk manufacturing is passed on to the customer.